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      • 地區:歐美
      • 導演:內詳
      • 主演: 喬治·布萊頓 亞歷山大·維拉赫斯 伊萬·威廉姆斯 安娜·布雷維斯特
      • 上映:2017
      • 更新:2017-04-29
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      “Versailles is the next step in the international co-production strategy we are now pursuing with our partners,” said Fabrice de la Patellière, Head of French Drama and Co-productions at Canal Plus. “This new season, that we aim to develop with renewed originality, will be a full-blown immersion into the absolute power of Louis XIV.”   Added Claude Chelli, Director of Capa Drama: “King Louis XIV ruled France for 72 years, so there are still many stories to be told, in the same style and with the same contemporary approach that we established in Season 1. So it is with great relish that for the second season, we are going to take the series into the realm of women, love potions and poisons.”