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    1. a67手機電影
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      • 地區:印度
      • 導演:莫伊那克·波米克
      • 主演:里圖布羅多·穆克吉 珊迪拉爾·穆克吉 Anusha Viswanathan Debmallyo Gupta
      • 上映:2019
      • 更新:2020-03-08
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      Bikram, a teenage orphan lives with his uncle and loves to read lot of detective stories. He has dream to solve a perfect crime like fictional detectives. He sometimes helps his uncle, who works in police to investigate the cases with his talent and observation power. Bikram has a secret crush, Tuki. Tuki's father Sanjoy is a Police detective. Bikram incidentally assists Sanjoy to solve a murder mystery which appears as a natural death having no evidence of crime.